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Red Face 152

Red Face One Hundred and Fifty Two

Have definitely had my love for netball reignited after a really great match last night. We lost but our team never gave up and even though we all love to win, we were really happy for the others as it was a great match.

Thanks to the other team, especially Erin, you are such a gun player and get my vote for B&F. It was a pleasure playing with you.

Wish we could do two rounds playing all teams before finals as once isn’t enough. 🙂

Have a great day everyone.

(this #Redfaced post is obvs for yesty…)

(my ‘anal’ friends ask why am I one red face ahead? Why isn’t it even? I strive to be one step ahead in life – always pushing that extra bit, so this suits my personality to a tee).

#threehundredandsixtyfiveredfaces #365redfaces #21redfaces

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