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Do you REAL-LY know what you are eating?

It blows my mind how many people don’t know exactly what they are eating every single day!

It is my mission to help you be as informed as possible to make the best decisions for your health.


Let’s talk a little bit about MARKETING. Anyone that has something to sell, is in some way marketing it to you.

Even if it’s a rustic stand on the side of the road selling $2 pumpkins, or a big billboard in the middle of the city, advertising is a form of marketing which is designed to encourage you to purchase something. There are a variety of methods of marketing that can finalise many sales, along with other cost-cutting practices to maximise profits.

Combine a food industry with very little regulation on the ingredients that go into a product, and a marketing industry that have learned successful methods to complete sales including manipulation & creating misleading advertisements & you have a recipe to create a society brainwashed by manipulative advertising…. that is unless you are aware that this is what is happening, and you can rise above it all and see everything for what it is!

When businesses start outsourcing employees, purchasing cheaper ingredients/ products, and automating their practices as much as possible, the ‘human’ aspect can be lost, and revenue can become the driving focus with little or no consequences for their actions. Consumers expect that all products are safe if they are on the shelf in a store, but some foods contain ingredients that make the consumer want to eat more, and therefore purchase more… and then, oh my gosh how did we have get to place in the world where there is an obesity problem worldwide and people confused and consistently failing ‘diets’ and not knowing if what they are eating is good for them or not? We got here because this state of confusion, panic, anxiety and helplessness is exactly what drives a person to make impulse purchases and decisions because of ‘the pretty lights & enticing offer to solve a problem you have’…. sad but very true.

You’ve read it many times and probably chosen to ignore, but there is no magic answer or one way better than the other, or a magic pill or even a magic surgery that will create the change you so desire unless you actually make the changes with NO intention of going back to the way you currently consume. (Harsh but very true) I realised I had to make a decision that I would learn about what I was eating to actually want to change my habits, so I did. It started with reading & learning what each ingredient was in the foods I was eating regularly. I then started looking for foods with all the ingredients I knew. Peanut Butter is a good one and one that shocked me. Changing to a peanut butter which only contained peanuts, tasted so much more savoury than the previous peanut butter I always ate that I couldn’t believe the difference in the taste of pretend peanut butter compared to real peanut butter. No wonder I craved the stuff! The amount of sugar in peanut butter astounded me! (Check it out for yourself!)

Consumers can learn what is and isn’t advertising so we can make better decisions.

Some simple food swaps can make a big difference and the more you read about each ingredient you consume, the more you will learn about foods that you want to eat and foods you would prefer to avoid.

I approached my lifestyle change with the mindset of ‘One step at a time’ I chose to take it slowly becoming better with my food slowly by making one change at a time, mastering that change, and then making another small change.

Our life is a journey, not a sprint & we might as well enjoy it on the way! Choosing to eat foods with less chemicals and ingredients we don’t even know, is one of the most beneficial ways to improve your health now and in the future.

You can think of businesses that promote all the unhealthy foods as trying to ‘trick’ you & you can choose not to fall for their very good marketing, because that is actually exactly what they are doing! When you end up choosing convenience and taste over real nutrition, you know that food is in control of you, instead of you being in control. If you feel out of control already, the worst thing you can do for your health is do something else out of control. Have you ever gone and made a smoothie during an anxiety attack? Have you ever overcome an anxiety attack easily? If you haven’t you probably haven’t made the healthy smoothie. When you feel like crap, do something that you will be proud of yourself for.

I have learned about the nutritional value of most foods & dairy and soft=drinks are so nutritionally void, that they are not of value for me to consume. I believe in treating my body like the Ferrari that requires Premium fuel for optimum performance.

I have also trialed eating less foods containing gluten, (however I don’t run to a gluten free brownie as they are also full of C.R.A.P!) especially highly processed forms such as white bread, and my gut health and bowel movements have improved with this change, so I choose to continue to eat less of this.

Among all of the health information out in the world wide web, the right information is also out there, and as I coach I teach my clients how to understand EXACTLY what they are consuming.

Think about if you own a really ‘flash’ car, it is your pride and joy. Would you fill this incredible vehicle with standard or cheap petrol? You just couldn’t right? I believe in living a balanced life and my definition of having a great relationship with food is by being in complete control of the addictive mind that sometimes tries to take over.

Are you eager to learn more right now? Okay here is some really important information about food packaging in Australia:

The ingredients list is essential on all packaging. It also requires the business to list the ingredients in order from the most to least for their product. There are no rules (to my knowledge) about the front advertising on packaging, and this is where many consumers can be ‘tricked’ into thinking they are eating something good for them, when it may not actually be. All products in Australia must also show their Country of Origin and on a scale, show how much of the ingredients were Australian or imported.

We cannot 100% trust any imported products because their rules differ country to country, however any product sold in Australia must have the nutrition panel with serving size & per 100g or mL to assist consumers to compare between products, and the ingredients. You may see some products that have a new sticker over the nutrition panel on the packaging, and this is why. Note that no product is 100% trustworthy and there is always a risk when purchasing a food product even fresh vegetables.


My friend Heyley Watt & I created a Cook Book & it is loaded with more than 60 healthy & delicious recipes that we made when we started swapping some ingredients out for better ones! I also run The RF Way program which teaches participants to live their lives ‘the RF way’ – short for The Red Face Way however we live by 5 RF’s to live our very best lives and this is taught and shared in Brooke’s program.

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Never Give Up

Every day is another opportunity for us to go out and chase that dream! No matter how big or small that dream is, while we still believe we can achieve it, there is a chance we will ❤❤🏝🏝🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ It’s when we stop believing or just completely stop and give-up that the chances of achieving our dreams are diminished 🤸‍♀️❤🏝🎯✌
Are you doing a whole heap of things that you really don’t want to tomorrow? or have you got a day full of your favourite things?
Learning to tune in to what I really want to do and what I don’t has helped me to free up more time for things and people that are super important to me.
My life is better and I am.doing more of what brings than not, so I know I am on the right track.

keep dreaming & keep believing ❤🎯

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An easy recipe to make a ‘healthier’ version of store bought chocolate.


150 g (approx) COCONUT OIL

CASHEWS or ALMONDS (Unsalted & Raw/ Natural)

3-4 Tablespoons Cacao

1 Teaspoon Natural Vanilla Essence

3 Tablespoons Honey


Tray with edges

Baking Paper

Food Processor


Heat Proof Bowl

Metal Spoon

Follow the video above or read through these written instructions:

1. Add the raw nuts of choice to a food processor and blitz a couple of times to make chunky pieces.

2. Add some boiling water to a saucepan and return to the boil

3. Once boiling, reduce heat & cover saucepan with a heat-proof dish

4. Add Coconut Oil to the heat-proof dish and if the oil is solid, allow it to melt and warm up.

5. Add Cacao and stir through with the metal spoon

6. Add Vanilla Essence

7. Add Honey and continue stirring until it all blends together

8. Once all of the ingredients in the heat-proof dish are combined well, remove from the heat

9. Prepare Your Tray for the refrigerator by lining with baking paper slightly longer than the tray

10. Add the chunky nuts to the warm chocolate mixture and stir well.

11. Transfer all the ingredients to the Tray lined with Baking Paper.

12. Refrigerate for 1 hr & 30 minutes before serving & enjoy!

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How I changed my life…


#365redfaces actually began in October 2015 when I was ‘once and for all’ sick of ‘falling off the band wagon’ and gaining weight again & again!

I likened my weight fluctuations to a roller coaster ride and I was absolutely sick of it!

My health suffered and I started getting sick regularly, plus I made it to within 1kg of my goal weight 3 times over ten years! Whenever I was close to my goal, I’d be super happy and start eating again and quickly fall back into bad habits.

At my heaviest I weighed 120 kilograms (264.5 pounds), however that’s another story!

I was the queen of excuses, but let’s get to the good bit!

In October 2015 I was fortunate enough to attend an absolutely inspiring talk by STEVEN BRADBURY, the LAST MAN STANDING. Steven is the Aussie that won the first ever gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

Back before I was better with selfies this is my attempt, but this is Steven Bradbury and listening to his story at a conference in October 2015 helped me realise I could be more.

Every Aussie knows his ‘story’. The man that was ‘lucky’ enough to WIN gold after all his competitors fell over. We all know what doing the ‘Steven Bradbury’ is. I listened to Steven’s story and learned that he well and truly deserved his gold medal and more, so I decided it was time to call the ‘BRADBURY in ME’ to ACTION!

And so my journey began. I contacted my friend, a personal trainer and invested in 3 sessions a week with her. I didn’t lose any weight for the first two weeks because my diet hadn’t changed.

I started eating better because I didn’t want to WASTE all of my hard work.

By December I had gone from 84kg down to 77 kilos and I went from a 5 in the ‘beep test’ to a 9 in the ‘beep test’. I was fit enough to be in the ARMY!

Nothing could stop me now!

Over Christmas I lost another 2kg and became anxious about the New Year. I wasn’t sure what I was going to commit to for my New Years resolution. I asked my dad what I was good at… and what I was put on this earth for.

My dad responded that I was born with two ears and one mouth but sometimes I got these confused. He’s a bit of a joker but this is true! I really love to talk and I am passionate about being passionate! I thought: If I put my mind to something at WORK and succeed, then why haven’t I met my WEIGHT LOSS GOAL YET?

I was motivated to make 2016 my year!

I decided to see the New Year in by making the BEST decisions for ME! I contacted my personal trainer again and asked her if she would be interested in doing a PT session first thing on NEW YEARS day. She was keen! YES!

Waking bright, fresh, and hangover free (there’s a first for everything! haha) my PT SMASHED me!

We did sprints, boxing, and all sorts of high endurance cardio training.

I was pooped! (buggered)

Christie and I ‘high-fived’ at the end of it (she did the whole workout with me) and I was off to a great start to the year AND my face was BRIGHT RED!

Almost an hour later I was at the local car wash and caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror, and it was STILL RED!

I laughed and thought I’d take a SELFIE. I started thinking about a funny slogan or hashtag to add to it: ‘While you are nursing your hangovers’… or something along these lines… ‘RED FACED is beautiful’… and then I realised I still didn’t have a NEW Years resolution, I felt AMAZING, and I wanted to feel like this every day!

So #365redfaces was born!

To keep accountable and stick to my resolution this time, I decided to be brave and share my journey on Social Media. I chose Instagram as I didn’t have many followers and I didn’t want it to be ‘too much’. I thought I might annoy people if I put a face pic on Facebook every day. With Instagram people could choose if they wanted to follow me or not.

Now just over half way there and my entire life has changed!

I have people I don’t even know following me, and all thanks to a regional newspaper: The Toowoomba Chronicle for noticing a post I made and writing a story about me.

I had started posting on Facebook inviting people to come and get #RedFaced with me once a week. I’ve met some amazing people from this!

Since new year’s day, The Toowoomba Chronicle wrote about me and not long after, a journalist from That’s Life! magazine got in touch to share my story and it’s just becoming more and more amazing!

Here are three articles from the Toowoomba Chronicle:

Article ONE

Article TWO

Article THREE

Not long after, The Warwick Daily News, and the Daily Mail Australia shared my story to their readers.

I now know of people who are choosing to take action to better themselves because of my story.

This is the best result anyone could ask for!

I want to do more and help more people achieve their goals and dreams too!

Everyone is on their own journey. Why don’t you start you own journey today and join my #21redfaces challenge?

I am doing something for ME. What are you doing for YOU?



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Brooke in the Media

Here is the TV Interview and below is a snippet of some of the Media Outlets that shared my story.

I would receive inboxes from people from all over the world & it was incredible! Years later and I am still ‘red facing’ everyday & am helping everyday people to reach their weight loss goals, just like I did!

If you are ready to change your life for the better, and know that you need a little push to get yourself into gear, get in contact with me and join my online program! (& don’t forget to subscribe!)

womens health - the daily habit that helped brooke lose 50kg
warwick daily news photo in article
An article from the Warwick Daily News
warwick daily news - darling downs icon stars on natinoal tv
the sun - sew slim
the edge - this woman did something easy everyday and lost 50kg
That's life! - Red faced and fabulous
newsmail - goondiwindi woman's fitness challenge attracts world
new idea - the daily habit that helped brooke lose 50kg
mtv finland - something in another language
My story even made it to Finland!
kiis - this woman did something easy everyday and lost 50kg
Talk about Click Bait!
goondi argus - brookes red-face get-fit campaign has changed her world
The local paper keeping it real with a spelling mistake in the heading!!
extra cz - something in another language czech
More overseas interest
daily mail - having to sew two hula skirts together to fit around waist was a real light bulb moment
The headings though 🙂
chronicle - Goondiwindi woman's fitness challenge attracts world
I loved The Chronicle stories
chronicle - darling downs girl reveals amazing transformation
be yahoo - aussie woman loses 50kg by sharing sweaty red-faced selfies every day to stay on track
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FREE Healthier Options PDF:

Corn Fritters with House Made Salsa, Cashew Cheese & Avocado. Side Long Black Coffee



Brookes Healthy Take Away Options

Sometimes we don’t feel like cooking, so it’s comforting to know that there are healthier options out there for those times when we just couldn’t be bothered cooking, or when we meet friends over a breakfast or dinner.

Personally I think it’s easy to eat healthy for breakfast when dining out, with many Aussie cafes embracing the ‘healthier lifestyle’ trend that I hope sticks around! Anything from Acai Bowls with house made granola to eggs and bacon & smashed avo on organic sourdough, the healthier options are everywhere when you are looking for them.

These days, almost every place you go will be accommodating to gluten and dairy free needs, and are often happy not to put butter on your bread too, as long as you ask. With a few polite questions, you can quickly create a dish into nutritious guilt-free fuel & be on your merry way to your next meal.

When we start thinking about fueling our bodies rather than eating for pleasure, our food choices start to change. I know that we can just as easily fall back into bad habits and that’s why I think it’s important to be armed with as much knowledge as possible. Knowledge can empower us to make better choices.

If you can think of any other healthy options, or if you’ve come across a menu you don’t know what to choose, let’s talk it out. Let me know and we will make the best choice together.

Bye Bye Guilty Eating and Hello to Eating for Health and Happiness!


Side Note:

I’m currently working on a more comprehensive list which will include as many dining out places in Australia as possible. (I purposefully wanted to keep this guide simple and with room for imagination to help empower you to make your own healthier choices.) 

If you have any great ‘healthier options’ you’d like to share, please email me:

Alternatively, go to the HOME page –>  Contact Me  –>  Complete the form and submit.  I will respond within 48 hours.

cafe eats
A typical Aussie Cafe Meal: Salmon patties with sweet potato & salad.
(This meal courtesy of Laurenz in Goondiwindi, Qld)
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Healthy Oat Biscuits

For me it’s important that food TASTES good otherwise I won’t eat it. It is just as important to me that I know what I am eating & that the recipe is quick and easy to follow. This recipe meets all of these requirements,  so I have to share it with you!

Healthy Oat Biscuits

1 cup (100g) oats – blitz in a food processor for 10 – 12 seconds to break up

¾ cup almond meal

1 ½ tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp baking soda (optional)

Pinch salt

2 tbsp (28g) coconut oil (melted)

2 medium eggs, room temperature

¼ cup honey (or 100% maple or Rice Malt Syrup)

¼ cup (40g) cranberries or blueberries (frozen works well)

  1. In a large mixing bowl mix together the oats, almond meal, spices, and salt. In a separate bowl, whisk together the coconut oil & egg. Stir in the honey (melt if necessary). Add in the dry mixture to the wet ingredients, stirring just until incorporated. Fold in the blueberries. Chill the batter for at least 20 minutes (I usually clean up my mess in this time ha ha!)
  2. Preheat the oven to 170 Degrees Celsius and line a baking tray with baking paper
  3. Drop the batter into 15 rounded scoops onto the baking paper, and flatten slightly with the back of a spoon. Bake (at 170 Degrees Celsius) for 11-14 minutes. Let the biscuits cool on the tray they were cooking on for 10 minutes before transferring to a wire rack & enjoy!

Notes: It’s important to measure both the oats and almond meal correctly. Too much of either will dry out the cookies and leave them crumbly instead of chewy.

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#624RedFaces // 15th September 2017 //

A late night #redface at the gym before it closed.

As soon as I woke I thought about going to the gym, I had one hour until an appointment…

I’ll go after the meeting…

I’ll go after lunch..

I’ll go after I finish these signs for the dinner party…

I’ll go after the dinner party…

I’ll go when my food has settled…

Our gym only stays open until 11 at night.

10.41 enters gym

Bike Ride while creating a video diary. Didn’t finish video diary.

11pm leaves gym

Back to computer – hello all-nighter!

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Our cook book is now available as an ebook!

desk cover cook book

Great news & a great price!

Get your hands on some incredible recipes which will help you easily transition to a healthier lifestyle!

We are so incredibly proud of this cook book and cannot wait for you to check it out!

cook book cover image

We are passionate about helping educate young people about healthy food options too, so please share with the little ones!

This cookbook is filled with healthy ideas to common favourite meals including Nachos, Reef & Beef, Chicken Parmy & a Big Breakfast!

Some of the the recipes in this cook book are featured in the 14 day meal plan as well as ideas for food swaps and information about different ways to gain more nutrients and less chemicals in your diet.

MY WHY. By Brooke xx

I was in our local health food store only two weeks ago (end of August, 2017 ) and I ran into a lady I’ve know for many years but haven’t seen for a long time. She was talking about how her son had dairy and wheat intolerance’s and she was struggling to make him delicious sweets so he didn’t feel he was missing out… well a 5 minute stop in at the Health Food Store turned into a 45 minutes conversation – a copy of my cook book lent to her so she could write down all of our recipes! She contacted me and said the chocolate recipes were a lifesaver! It was this moment that inspired me to keep going and push on through the tough times to get the message out there and help as many people as possible, especially young people by educating them about REAL FOOD.

I am determined to help irradiate Type 2 diabetes, and ADHD and other issues that our young people are being faced with, that they don’t have to. In many industries the use of chemicals is regulated, however this is not the case in the food industry.

The way foods are made is not regulated, and the more I learn, the better I become with my food choices.

Ever since I have started to pursue the BEST foods to fuel my body, I have had to learn how things are made to help make informed decisions about what I put in my stomach.

All foods within our cook book have been created with the greatest care, however some product ingredients can change and we cannot guarantee that all are dairy and gluten free, however the majority of our recipes are and we suggest you research each ingredient if you have severe allergies to any either of these ‘foods.’

Happy Healthy & a piece of cake x


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Ideas for a ‘clean’ grocery shop

Grocery Shop Image


This will give you some great ideas of foods to add to your next shop that are really good for you and actually help you to stop craving all the bad foods that make us so addicted to them!

If you buy healthy groceries, you are making a decision to eat healthy at home. Progressing to a life of eating wholesome and nutritious foods is the BEST way to not only remain well, but also to save money!


If you were to buy takeaway foods for every meal for an entire week, or buy a whole trolley (cart) of groceries – you are going to save MONEY! If you aren’t motivated to eat healthy, maybe you can be motivated by saving money!!??

What I eat now is a LOT different to what i used to eat when I started out. I looove cheese and milk and have only this year (June 2016) finally eliminated them from my permanent diet.

Before & after photo

I do however love to indulge in chocolate and treats to keep my body guessing so I still do have dairy and wheat on occasions.

Feel free to also ‘follow’ me on Instagram (brooke.saxby) & Facebook (Brooke ‘Redface’ Saxby to learn more about what I eat and how I no longer battle with the scales to determine my happiness!!

One step at a time and you WILL ACHIEVE!

Simply NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up!