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Day Five

Welcome to my website!

This is your one-stop-shop for everything about me! I am a wellness advocate, I am a very conscious consumer (and becoming better every week!), I’ve overcome emotional eating, reached massive goals, I truly love myself unconditionally, and I love inspiring others!

I didn’t always feel this way about myself, achieve my goals, or control my emotional eating. When I wasn’t looking after myself, I often made some pretty big mistakes. From my mistakes I learned a lot!

In 2016 I decided to challenge myself to get ‘red faced’ every single day, and since then I started helping friends, family & people that reached out to me.

Now I am living my best life because I am becoming better at choosing what I want and what is best for me above all else.

I have taken my life by the reigns and I am doing what I can to help myself reach my goals.

My big vision for this website is for it to be a reliable and real platform full of free information that I believe needs to be shared to help educate you to own your life too!

I encourage you to navigate around & welcome your input for future posts &/or videos about topics you would like me to provide my opinion on.

Day One of 365 days in a row getting 'Redfaced'