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Day Five

Hi, I’m Brooke & I love getting ‘Red Faced’

It started in 2016 when I completed #365redfaces in a row (in a leap year mind you, haha, so typical for me, but I still kept to it regardless) and the best part was realising my own potential to help others see their own greatness.

I quit my corporate job and pursued a career in personal training. I lacked so much confidence in the beginning however with the support of some amazing people that encouraged me to keep sharing my enthusiasm and joy for exercising , I am proud to say I now live my very best life with wonderful clients, and 2022 is going to be even better with a new Red Face Community being born!

I am inviting everyone to come along for another year of #365redfaces as I set about achieving my second year in a row without a day off from conscious exercise!

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There’s no burn-out because some days are just 5 minutes of conscious movement, but the daily habit, and non-negotiable daily action is what helps me reach other goals in my life.

Members of my community will learn how to reach their own big goals, no matter what they are, by breaking down their big dreams into manageable tasks to reach their goals. Members of my private Facebook group will also get to know me on a much deeper level, and learn how to discover their own hidden potential.

Here is my TV Interview with Today Extra hosts David Campbell & Sonia Kruger from 2016:

If you’re unable to invest in yourself at this present time, I share free workouts and recipes on my socials and all are available on this website too.

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Day One of 365 days in a row getting 'Redfaced'

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