“To say the least, this was an amazing experience!””

Hollie Faulkner

Hey Everyone!

I am Hollie Faulkner, and I was lucky enough to be a part of Brooke’s first ‘6 Week Fix’ team.

To say the least, this was an amazing experience! Not only did I set goals focusing on weight loss, I also smashed right through them losing a total of 8.7kg during the 6 weeks and 10kg by 7 weeks. What brought me to join the team was my previous lack of motivation to eat healthy foods and exercise. I often felt down about my weight which lead to other mental struggles and therefore I soon figured something needed to be done.

When I first heard of the 6 Week Fix I knew this was the perfect opportunity to kick off my weight loss journey. To begin with, I was nervous, worried and I had an enormous amount of self doubt, but with the ongoing support, motivation, encouragement and guidance from Brooke Saxby, I can honestly say I have overcome and pushed through these barriers, giving me the confidence I need, to succeed in whatever I choose to do in life.  THANK YOU BROOKE!

This program has helped me both physically and mentally and I encourage anyone who has their own barriers to break through, goals to smash or struggles to overcome to become a part of this wonderful team and you will achieve success.

Thank you Brooke, for the incredible work you do to help other people and for understanding that life happens! I couldn’t have achieved what I have without you. I love this program and I will be forever grateful.


I joined the first 6 Week Fix Group with Brooke in August 2018.  I needed to lose weight and increase my fitness for my own health.  I followed the whole food diet and the cook book supplied by Brooke was a great starting point, whenever I felt stuck I referred back to it and now I am comfortable cooking my own version of meals I like, using fresh whole foods.  It really is as easy as it sounds. In the first 6 weeks I lost over 9kgs and cm’s all over my body, I am now 14 weeks in and have lost 16kgs and still feel even more motivated to keep going.  I am not only starting to look better but I feel it as well.  Brooke gave me the confidence to exercise and go to the gym, she has taught my how to use the various machines and feel confident to work out on my own at any time.  Brooke has shown me simple but effective exercises that can be done at home, at the park or in a gym. She is very inspirational and her support has kept me motivated throughout this journey. Her Red Faces motto is something I have adopted and I look forward to my daily exercise from a big workout to a quick 10 minute walk if that is all I can fit in, it all helps.

 I have learnt that I am not depriving myself of foods that I would have chosen before I started this journey but nourishing my body with better choices, she has taught me that there are consequences for bad choices and how to get back on track when we do stray and have that treat.  I have learnt that food is always going to be there and it does not hurt to say No, I don’t need that today.  It feels great to make those choices and see the results.   Brooke has an infectious motivated personality who supports and guides you individually and there is also the group as a backup for support to share recipes and experiences with.  I would whole heartedly recommend this program to anyone wanting to kick some goals and increase their fitness and strength and lose weight.  I look forward to continuing to be a part of the online group and share my journey with those around me.


Brooke lost 50kg! (110lbs)

Before & After Hula Skirt
Brooke on the left in 2005 & the right in 2016

“Small changes are what big results are made of.”


It’s a mental game, and Brooke knows this all too well! Brooke’s own journey was filled with obstacles and took over 10 years for her to achieve. Brooke learned by trying everything & experimenting, and then one day it all finally clicked and Brooke realised she was finally FREE from the mental prison she had put herself in for so many years, and knew she would never fear weight-gain again because she had taught herself to believe in herself, and her commitment to set & reach realistic goals.

Do you believe in yourself?

Small changes are what big results are made of. You can cut through all the guess-work and start reaching your goals and dreams when you join Brookes program! 6 weeks is all it takes to learn from Brooke and get into a great routine to kick ass in your lives. Brooke is serious about ‘positive self-chat to get your shit together,’ and she loves to have fun and mostly laugh at herself, so expect to exercise your cheek bones as much as the rest of your body!

Will you be the next big success story in your life?