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It’s a Piece of Healthy Cake, bound Cook Book

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Deep down we all want to be the best versions of ourselves & sometimes it feels impossible.

This is exactly how Brooke felt when she embarked on her new healthy lifestyle over 10 years ago. It all started with small changes, which with consistency they grew into big changes that helped her accomplish some major goals in her life including losing 50kilos and eradicating all medications!

Brooke found a way to stop feeling like she was missing out, and instead to feel empowered and motivated through better choices by creating healthier versions of her favourite meals.

Brooke never liked cooking much and would live off takeaway, so she had to start from the very beginning. Everything she makes is fast and easy without sacrificing on taste! This isn’t your average cookbook though, and when Brooke met Heyley Watt and started coaching her and saw the amazing foods she was creating, it inspired her & she asked her if she would like to join her in creating a cookbook. It’s a Piece of Healthy Cake was born!

Not only are there fast and easy recipes contained within the 62 page cookbook, there are also some more complex ones to try especially if you love being in the kitchen like Heyley!

The one rule of our book was: If it doesn’t taste good, it won’t make the cut!

It’s a Piece of Healthy Cake is not your average cook book. Its recipes contain
carefully selected ingredients that look good and taste great. Best of all they’re
easy to make, contain less chemicals, and are nourishing.

There are plenty of options for dairy-free and gluten-free alternatives to your favourite dishes.
From bountiful breakfasts like our favourite Acai Bowl, you’ll be set up and
ready to begin your day, and the rest of your life really.

We’ve got you covered for your sweet and savoury temptations too!

You could enjoy a Banana Honey Protein Shake for a mid-morning
treat, then forget about those sandwiches at your
desk, wow everyone with a lavish (yet easy) lunch of Chicken and Mango Salad,
or perhaps Brooke’s go-to snack, the Zucchini Slice.
Whip up a batch of healthy Hawaiian Chicken and you just may crave it again the very next day!
Then imagine unwinding at the end of the day with some Delicious Dinners and Desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth, yet without the guilt! Brooke & Heyley  both love chocolate, so be assured there are ample chocolate recipes for you to make!
Meal Prep is so helpful for when you don’t feel like cooking after a long day, or if you are known to be of the ‘hangry’ persuasion. Pea and Ham Soup & the Cacao Bliss Balls are fabulous for this!

We also thought about the kiddies and show some great ideas with a dairy and gluten free
pizza options, burgers & chips, and nacho alternatives to name a few!

Entertaining friends? Or do you just enjoy a snack from to time? Of course, It’s a Piece
of Healthy Cake has you covered there too!
A healthy take on Hummus, safe soft-drinks, and how about the choc avocado mousse?
It’s a Piece of Healthy Cake contains lots of tips on what to look for in healthy
foods, what makes them healthy, and how to find substitutes for the not-so-healthy ingredients we commonly keep in our kitchens.
Brooke and Heyley, the books authors, also share some of their personal journeys with you,
through their own discovery of healthy foods, and the pitfalls of following
‘fad diets’. Learn from them as they share what works for them, and their own
experiences of controlling temptation.
When you buy It’s a Piece of Healthy Cake you are helping yourself become who you want to be!

People just like you, who are looking for a way to be their healthiest, without sacrificing on flavour are finding their inner power with our cookbook, and you can too!
Join them, along with Brooke and Heyley, and discover for yourself the great
recipes that you can eat anytime without guilt.

Additionally this cookbook is utilised in all of Brooke’s programs to help her clients transition in to healthier lifestyles and you can read some testimonies in this section.

Buy your copy today and discover that you can have your — healthy — cake and eat it

It’s a Piece of Healthy Cake is available in Glossy Books, (sent via Australia Post)
while stocks last.



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