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Red Face Seventy Six

Day Seventy Six

Sweat baby sweat… yo this sweat is reeeeee-al!

To get motivated for the gym today I thought about something I wanted to be better at – just one skill to focus on while still getting a good cardio workout, so I decided to focus on building my ‘lift-off’ power.

Tonight the routine comprised of shuttle runs, weighted lunges, hill climbs, sprints, jump squats and finished with a 2km treadmil hill/run/hill/run. Now for some push-ups then yoga to relaxxxxxx…

With working out: I’ve been really focussing on why a personal trainer can push me harder than I can push my self. Now I’m asking myself: Am I giving 100%? What is the purpose of this work-out? Why am I here? Then I started singing the song from the movie Sister Act ‘If you wanna go somewhere, and you wanna be someonnnnnne, you better wake up and pay attention,’ and I’m ready to roll. Hahaha


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