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Red Face Seventy Five

Day Seventy Five

Gotta love pimples. No shame – who cares! A pimple doesn’t define me.

It’s crazy to even think I can say this and mean it. Once, not so long ago I suffered ‘crazy-ass’ (totally a word) adult acne and became extremely self-conscious of it, where sometimes I’d cry into my hands while scrubbing my face with every miracle cure soap/cream/treatment I could get my hands on. I just wanted my face rid of the craters from hell.

Nothing defines you, BUT YOU!

We choose how we feel, so I choose to feel great tonight: pimples and all!

It’s moments like these where I reflect on how lucky I am to have some of the best lifetime friendships! I have some friends who have been there with me through it all… others joined somewhere along the way, some are brand spanking new, but I’m pretty lucky to have so many great people that I can honestly say I know love me for me. And to all you fabo people: you are the ones that helped me keep faith that there are people out there that DO love you for who you are, and NOT what you look like! I love you guys forever and ever, I am eternally grateful & thank you xx 


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