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Red Face Seventy Two

Day Seventy Two

Upon reviewing this week, it’s evident I’ve taken a break from making good decisions for myself, probably only 50% good.

This week has featured pies, pizza, lack of sleep and a few beverages too. Admittedly I feel flat, but it was fun, so no regrets, just never giving up.

I want to feel great again, so have decided to do another Goals of Goals challenge:

Four Weeks to Focus on Me – this will be when I reach 100 red faces!

For the next 28 days I will treat myself by embracing the courage within me, and I will stop delaying my work-outs. When I am scared and trying to build up the strength to ‘just do it’ I will tell myself: “I am strong, beautiful and amazing. I can do this, I am strong, beautiful and amazing, I can do this…”, and until I actually believe this I will keep saying it.

Food will be 90% real food (or better), and a huge 10 second smile each day. This is my pledge… I get so motivated by other people reaching their goals so please feel free to share your goals with me and let’s support each other to become the best version of ourselves xx


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