6 Week Fix

I have turned everything that I teach in person into an online program! I have been trying to dedicate time to do this and time is what I needed! I knew this was a massive task to accomplish, and until I 100% committed fully to myself by quitting my full time job to become a complete sole-trader, I found I also had no more excuses about why I couldn’t get this completed.

Everything you need is in this program and the best part is that I’m with you all the way – everyone that purchases the at-home online program will receive the 6 week fix program where you record everything and learn everything.

It’s literally your one-stop shop!

Never buy a meal plan again because you will learn how to make your own!

No more protein powders to ensure you get your daily protein requirements, you will learn how to get that from the foods you eat!
Part of your education will be learning how to make a delicious protein shake that makes you wonder where it has been all of your life! You wont believe how delicious the food is and how little you actually have to do to achieve results.

In society you are being exposed to continuous weight loss programs being promoted as the ‘answer you have been looking for’ and ‘so easy’ to purchase their products.

I personally know the mental challenges you face when you need to lose a lot of weight. Nothing worked for me permanently until I chose to change my lifestyle forever. No more temporary fixes!

I genuinely want to create a change in the world of what we eat. When I was overweight I recall desperately wishing some fairy godmother would greet me in my dreams and wave her wand and make me ‘skinny’

Gone are the days wanting to be skinny, and hello to the life where I love my body unconditionally, and you can too!

This means that anyone, anywhere can now fix themselves in 6 weeks with education & action.

Not only will you align yourself with Red Faces & learn how to meal prep like a pro, you also learn valuable skills that you implement to help you be the best version of yourself long after you complete the 6 weeks.

Weight Loss is the by-product of the 6 Week Fix.

We focus on building strength in mind and body instead of losing weight.

We set weekly goals, force you to take responsibility for all your actions, and guide and support you to reach your potential and stay motivated. It’s tough, but it’s possible. You learn how to accept that ‘life happens’ and how to move back into the winning mindset.

If you’re looking for the ‘quick fix’, you’re in the wrong place.

If you’re looking for a lasting, lifelong and sustainable lifestyle, we can’t wait to meet you!

What are you waiting for? Can you commit to 6 weeks?

8% of your year to change your life for the better?


The 6 Week Fix Program Booklet

A copy of PDF e-book: It’s a Piece of Healthy Cake (RRP $22)

Weekly Group Fitness LIVE Sessions (45 minutes each week)


The 21redfaces template (Always a FREE gift)

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