5 Kilos in 5 Days Meal Plan

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Buying wholesome, ‘Real’ foods can seem quite expensive when you may be used to $5 packaged meals and ‘takeaway’ outlets offering you an entire meal for less than $10, so I have created this meal plan.. a plan that keeps on giving! You can repeat over and over again!

thats life

This is what I used to look like, and after committing to a positive change for my future, I have finally (after 10 years) reached my weight loss goal of 50kilos! It’s a long story and you can read about my journey in my blog and on other pages on this website, however this $5 for 5 days meal plan has really helped me to get back on track when I would ‘blow out!’ I also started off on this in October 2015 when I was unwell and wanted to fix myself with food rather than prescription medication. This meal plan has so many positives and is Dairy & Gluten free!!

The principal is really simple, and this is an excellent plan if you are someone, that like me struggles and becomes easily overwhelmed when I commit to anything longer than a week!!

I used to be that person, that if I started a meal plan on a Monday, if by Tuesday I’d had something bad, I’d wait until the following Monday to start again!! If this sounds like you – please consider my entire $21 plan which includes my: ONE SIMPLE CHANGE list that you can slowly but surely go through and change your eating habits easily, without the SUGAR headaches that come with making a really drastic change!

This meal plan is designed for people that may have 15 kilos of weight loss remaining, or really dedicated people that want to detoxify their body’s from all the preservatives and additives found in common packaged and ‘take-away’ foods, and the best part is that you don’t need to worry about ‘breaking the bank’ to join!

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The 5 Kilos in 5 days Meal Plan is:

  1. Great to re-boot after a big binge, or kick-start a healthy eating plan
  2. Full of Super foods
  3. Easy enough to repeat every week – Do this for 5 days on and have your weekend off!

I lost 5 kilo’s in 5 days doing this after a massive ‘blow out!’

The Meal Plan:

  1. Includes a minimum of Five meals a day, day-by-day,
  2. Repeated use of foods for easy grocery shopping
  3. Variety in foods
  4. Is Gluten & Dairy Free
  5. Is Tried and tested