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It’s crazy how many people don’t know what they are eating every single day!

It is my mission to help you be as informed as possible to make the best decisions for you.

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Let’s talk a little bit about MARKETING. Anyone that has something to sell, is in some way marketing it to you. Even if its a rustic stand on the side of the road selling $2 pumpkins, or a big billboard in the middle of the city, advertising is a form of marketing which is designed to make you purchase the product being sold. If the person selling the product wants to sell more or grow their business to make even more money, then there are a variety of methods they can use to do this. Outsourcing, purchasing cheaper ingredients/ products, automating are just some of the ways a business can make even more money when looking to expand. This is where the consumer has to know what is and isn’t advertising so we can make our own decision rather than a choice we make because we have been manipulated to think something is more than what it actually is.

Not only does this section provide you with some awesome and simple recipes, we will also show you some simple swaps that are great for your health. One step at a time – our life is a journey, not a sprint & we might as well enjoy it on the way! Choosing to eat foods with less chemicals and ingredients we don’t even know, is one of the most beneficial ways to improve your health now and in the future.

I promote the elimination of dairy and gluten for my own personal reasons, though I will talk about these reasons more and provide you with the science behind my decisions.

Among all of the health information out in the world wide web, the right information is also out there, and I run a 6 week program that helps you to see through all of the fog and understand EXACTLY what you are consuming.

Think about if you own a really ‘flash’ car, it is your pride and joy. Would you fill this incredible vehicle with standard or cheap petrol? You just couldn’t right? I believe in living a balanced life and my definition of having a great relationship with food is by being in complete control of the addictive mind that sometimes tries to take over.

Let’s talk about food;

In Australia: The ingredients list is essential on all packaging. It also requires the business to list the ingredients in order from the most to least for their product. There are no rules (to my knowledge) about the front advertising on packaging, and this is where many consumers can be ‘tricked’ into thinking they are eating something good for them, when it may not actually be.




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My friend Heyley Watt & I created a Cook Book & it is loaded with more than 60 healthy & delicious recipes that ANYONE can make!

It’s called: ‘It’s a Piece of Healthy Cake’ and it’s filled with awesome recipes made from WHOLE, REAL FOODS!


Healthier Reef & Beef from the cookbook: It’s a Piece of Healthy Cake