21 Day Meal Plan (e-books only)


This package contains the Meal Plan & Cookbook as 2 printable E-Books: ‘Brooke’s 21 Day Meal Plan’ & ‘It’s a Piece of Healthy Cake’ cookbook. Read more below…

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This 21 Day program contains

  1. A full 21 Day Meal Plan (e-book) Every meal has been decided for you.

  2. A 5 day Meal plan for fast results. Basic meals, better results.

  3. Grocery Lists. Each Plan has a grocery list for you to easily shop for the plan.

  4. Cookbook: It’s a Piece of Healthy Cake Cookbook (e-book) Healthier recipes that are quick & delicious.

  5. Blank Templates for you to plan your weeks. Practice creating your own Meal Plan of your favourite recipes & tailor it to your needs.

  6. Bonus Recipes to help with creating your own weekly meal plan.

  7. Brooke’s Story a chapter about her experience in finding Balance in her life & her Intermittent fasting experience.

  8. Self-assessment templates to track your progression

  9. Real Food Inventory templates to teach you more about what you consume.

  10.  Join the Community for ongoing accountability, workouts & recipe ideas (optional)

This Package contains everything you need to live your best life…and the ongoing support offered by Brooke is an extra bonus!

This program is different from any others because it doesn’t actually want you to stick to the plan, & instead but to gain the knowledge & confidence to build your very own each and every week. When you make your own you are more likely to succeed because YOU did it.

Don’t worry – we also have created a full 21 day Meal Plan that you can follow to perfection if that works for you. We also have solutions if you go off track or have to plan for an upcoming event. Heck you can do the 5 day fix and take 2 days off each week if you so desire. The choice is yours and all of these options are contained within your workbook.

Have you tried other programs in the past? Have you had success until you ‘finished’ the program (or gave up?) That’s okay, Brooke understands exactly what this feels like because she used to do that too, but through her small daily changes and focusing on 5 day or 21 day challenges, this is one of the techniques Brooke used to help control her mind to stay on track.

You wont find any sugar coating here either. This 21 Day Meal Plan is the real deal!

 Upon completion of your order you will receive 2 email with your products: ‘Brooke’s 21 Day Meal Plan’ & the ‘It’s a Piece of Healthy Cake’ cookbook delivered to you within minutes so you can start learning today!

The 21 Day Meal Plan program will change your life if you read it thoroughly and complete the activities. The power is with you!

Make the investment for yourself & purchase this package today!


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