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Never Give Up

Every day is another opportunity for us to go out and chase that dream! No matter how big or small that dream is, while we still believe we can achieve it, there is a chance we will ❤❤🏝🏝🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ It’s when we stop believing or just completely stop and give-up that the chances of achieving our dreams are diminished 🤸‍♀️❤🏝🎯✌
Are you doing a whole heap of things that you really don’t want to tomorrow? or have you got a day full of your favourite things?
Learning to tune in to what I really want to do and what I don’t has helped me to free up more time for things and people that are super important to me.
My life is better and I am.doing more of what brings than not, so I know I am on the right track.

keep dreaming & keep believing ❤🎯

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How I changed my life…


#365redfaces actually began in October 2015 when I was ‘once and for all’ sick of ‘falling off the band wagon’ and gaining weight again & again!

I likened my weight fluctuations to a roller coaster ride and I was absolutely sick of it!

My health suffered and I started getting sick regularly, plus I made it to within 1kg of my goal weight 3 times over ten years! Whenever I was close to my goal, I’d be super happy and start eating again and quickly fall back into bad habits.

At my heaviest I weighed 120 kilograms (264.5 pounds), however that’s another story!

I was the queen of excuses, but let’s get to the good bit!

In October 2015 I was fortunate enough to attend an absolutely inspiring talk by STEVEN BRADBURY, the LAST MAN STANDING. Steven is the Aussie that won the first ever gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

Back before I was better with selfies this is my attempt, but this is Steven Bradbury and listening to his story at a conference in October 2015 helped me realise I could be more.

Every Aussie knows his ‘story’. The man that was ‘lucky’ enough to WIN gold after all his competitors fell over. We all know what doing the ‘Steven Bradbury’ is. I listened to Steven’s story and learned that he well and truly deserved his gold medal and more, so I decided it was time to call the ‘BRADBURY in ME’ to ACTION!

And so my journey began. I contacted my friend, a personal trainer and invested in 3 sessions a week with her. I didn’t lose any weight for the first two weeks because my diet hadn’t changed.

I started eating better because I didn’t want to WASTE all of my hard work.

By December I had gone from 84kg down to 77 kilos and I went from a 5 in the ‘beep test’ to a 9 in the ‘beep test’. I was fit enough to be in the ARMY!

Nothing could stop me now!

Over Christmas I lost another 2kg and became anxious about the New Year. I wasn’t sure what I was going to commit to for my New Years resolution. I asked my dad what I was good at… and what I was put on this earth for.

My dad responded that I was born with two ears and one mouth but sometimes I got these confused. He’s a bit of a joker but this is true! I really love to talk and I am passionate about being passionate! I thought: If I put my mind to something at WORK and succeed, then why haven’t I met my WEIGHT LOSS GOAL YET?

I was motivated to make 2016 my year!

I decided to see the New Year in by making the BEST decisions for ME! I contacted my personal trainer again and asked her if she would be interested in doing a PT session first thing on NEW YEARS day. She was keen! YES!

Waking bright, fresh, and hangover free (there’s a first for everything! haha) my PT SMASHED me!

We did sprints, boxing, and all sorts of high endurance cardio training.

I was pooped! (buggered)

Christie and I ‘high-fived’ at the end of it (she did the whole workout with me) and I was off to a great start to the year AND my face was BRIGHT RED!

Almost an hour later I was at the local car wash and caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror, and it was STILL RED!

I laughed and thought I’d take a SELFIE. I started thinking about a funny slogan or hashtag to add to it: ‘While you are nursing your hangovers’… or something along these lines… ‘RED FACED is beautiful’… and then I realised I still didn’t have a NEW Years resolution, I felt AMAZING, and I wanted to feel like this every day!

So #365redfaces was born!

To keep accountable and stick to my resolution this time, I decided to be brave and share my journey on Social Media. I chose Instagram as I didn’t have many followers and I didn’t want it to be ‘too much’. I thought I might annoy people if I put a face pic on Facebook every day. With Instagram people could choose if they wanted to follow me or not.

Now just over half way there and my entire life has changed!

I have people I don’t even know following me, and all thanks to a regional newspaper: The Toowoomba Chronicle for noticing a post I made and writing a story about me.

I had started posting on Facebook inviting people to come and get #RedFaced with me once a week. I’ve met some amazing people from this!

Since new year’s day, The Toowoomba Chronicle wrote about me and not long after, a journalist from That’s Life! magazine got in touch to share my story and it’s just becoming more and more amazing!

Here are three articles from the Toowoomba Chronicle:

Article ONE

Article TWO

Article THREE

Not long after, The Warwick Daily News, and the Daily Mail Australia shared my story to their readers.

I now know of people who are choosing to take action to better themselves because of my story.

This is the best result anyone could ask for!

I want to do more and help more people achieve their goals and dreams too!

Everyone is on their own journey. Why don’t you start you own journey today and join my #21redfaces challenge?

I am doing something for ME. What are you doing for YOU?



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FREE Healthier Options PDF:

Corn Fritters with House Made Salsa, Cashew Cheese & Avocado. Side Long Black Coffee



Brookes Healthy Take Away Options

Sometimes we don’t feel like cooking, so it’s comforting to know that there are healthier options out there for those times when we just couldn’t be bothered cooking, or when we meet friends over a breakfast or dinner.

Personally I think it’s easy to eat healthy for breakfast when dining out, with many Aussie cafes embracing the ‘healthier lifestyle’ trend that I hope sticks around! Anything from Acai Bowls with house made granola to eggs and bacon & smashed avo on organic sourdough, the healthier options are everywhere when you are looking for them.

These days, almost every place you go will be accommodating to gluten and dairy free needs, and are often happy not to put butter on your bread too, as long as you ask. With a few polite questions, you can quickly create a dish into nutritious guilt-free fuel & be on your merry way to your next meal.

When we start thinking about fueling our bodies rather than eating for pleasure, our food choices start to change. I know that we can just as easily fall back into bad habits and that’s why I think it’s important to be armed with as much knowledge as possible. Knowledge can empower us to make better choices.

If you can think of any other healthy options, or if you’ve come across a menu you don’t know what to choose, let’s talk it out. Let me know and we will make the best choice together.

Bye Bye Guilty Eating and Hello to Eating for Health and Happiness!


Side Note:

I’m currently working on a more comprehensive list which will include as many dining out places in Australia as possible. (I purposefully wanted to keep this guide simple and with room for imagination to help empower you to make your own healthier choices.) 

If you have any great ‘healthier options’ you’d like to share, please email me:

Alternatively, go to the HOME page –>  Contact Me  –>  Complete the form and submit.  I will respond within 48 hours.

cafe eats
A typical Aussie Cafe Meal: Salmon patties with sweet potato & salad.
(This meal courtesy of Laurenz in Goondiwindi, Qld)
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Our cook book is now available as an ebook!

desk cover cook book

Great news & a great price!

Get your hands on some incredible recipes which will help you easily transition to a healthier lifestyle!

We are so incredibly proud of this cook book and cannot wait for you to check it out!

cook book cover image

We are passionate about helping educate young people about healthy food options too, so please share with the little ones!

This cookbook is filled with healthy ideas to common favourite meals including Nachos, Reef & Beef, Chicken Parmy & a Big Breakfast!

Some of the the recipes in this cook book are featured in the 14 day meal plan as well as ideas for food swaps and information about different ways to gain more nutrients and less chemicals in your diet.

MY WHY. By Brooke xx

I was in our local health food store only two weeks ago (end of August, 2017 ) and I ran into a lady I’ve know for many years but haven’t seen for a long time. She was talking about how her son had dairy and wheat intolerance’s and she was struggling to make him delicious sweets so he didn’t feel he was missing out… well a 5 minute stop in at the Health Food Store turned into a 45 minutes conversation – a copy of my cook book lent to her so she could write down all of our recipes! She contacted me and said the chocolate recipes were a lifesaver! It was this moment that inspired me to keep going and push on through the tough times to get the message out there and help as many people as possible, especially young people by educating them about REAL FOOD.

I am determined to help irradiate Type 2 diabetes, and ADHD and other issues that our young people are being faced with, that they don’t have to. In many industries the use of chemicals is regulated, however this is not the case in the food industry.

The way foods are made is not regulated, and the more I learn, the better I become with my food choices.

Ever since I have started to pursue the BEST foods to fuel my body, I have had to learn how things are made to help make informed decisions about what I put in my stomach.

All foods within our cook book have been created with the greatest care, however some product ingredients can change and we cannot guarantee that all are dairy and gluten free, however the majority of our recipes are and we suggest you research each ingredient if you have severe allergies to any either of these ‘foods.’

Happy Healthy & a piece of cake x


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Ideas for a ‘clean’ grocery shop

Grocery Shop Image


This will give you some great ideas of foods to add to your next shop that are really good for you and actually help you to stop craving all the bad foods that make us so addicted to them!

If you buy healthy groceries, you are making a decision to eat healthy at home. Progressing to a life of eating wholesome and nutritious foods is the BEST way to not only remain well, but also to save money!


If you were to buy takeaway foods for every meal for an entire week, or buy a whole trolley (cart) of groceries – you are going to save MONEY! If you aren’t motivated to eat healthy, maybe you can be motivated by saving money!!??

What I eat now is a LOT different to what i used to eat when I started out. I looove cheese and milk and have only this year (June 2016) finally eliminated them from my permanent diet.

Before & after photo

I do however love to indulge in chocolate and treats to keep my body guessing so I still do have dairy and wheat on occasions.

Feel free to also ‘follow’ me on Instagram (brooke.saxby) & Facebook (Brooke ‘Redface’ Saxby to learn more about what I eat and how I no longer battle with the scales to determine my happiness!!

One step at a time and you WILL ACHIEVE!

Simply NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up!

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I barely EAT, so why am I overweight?

“I don’t get it! Do skinny people EAT NOTHING!?”

This is a common misconception, and downward spiral that many overweight people can get themselves into. If this is you, or someone you know – I highly recommend you read on, and meet Heyley Watt:

Talk about incredible, brave, inspiring, phenomenal – any words that you can think of that mean something positive can describe Heyley Watt and her courage to allow me to interview her while she is on a journey of transformation to become the BEST version of herself. (This interview was recorded in September 2016.)

Click here to catch up on Heyley’s journey that started in 2016:

In helping more and more people that reach out to me about their struggles and weight loss journeys, a common trend I am noticing is that many people are reducing their food intake in an effort to lose weight, and then wonder why they aren’t losing any weight even though they are ‘eating’ less. For some reason we forget about calories in the liquids we consume. I notice many people may say that they don’t eat breakfast, however if they drink 2 coffees with 2 or 3 teaspoons of sugar and some milk each morning, this is equivalent to a meal in calories.

We can sometimes tell ourselves that we aren’t ‘too bad’ because that makes us feel better. If we tell this to ourselves, and if we can believe this, with this exact same power, we can tell ourselves positive things to help change our habits.

What is one simple change you could implement this week?


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My Experience being flown to Sydney to appear on TV!

Here is my story about appearing on TV in July 2016.  I was contacted by the TV producers because of the personal challenge to get #redfaced everyday (#365redfaces) that I was posting on my Instagram page.
Every day I am working towards being able to help more people through my enthusiasm and zest for life that I share on social media!
Here is a timeline of how I got to the TV appearance!

#365RedFaces – July 2016

In July 2016, I was fortunate enough to be flown to Sydney to appear on Today Extra!
It was an incredible experience and I am so grateful for all of the support I received from my friends & family in the lead up to this incredible experience!


(Formerly: #threehundredandsixtyfiveredfaces)

To keep accountable and stick to my new year’s resolution in 2016, I decided to be brave and share my weight loss journey on Social Media. I chose Instagram as I didn’t have many followers and it was more focused around a picture rather than words.

I not only completed the 365days but continued by taking a photo every day for more than 600 days! I didn’t post them everyday, but I definitely did the work-out and took the daily #redface selfie. Up until August 2018 I still worked out every single day, but admittedly I also had a couple of days off in May 2018, when I was in Florida, USA.

I love how I feel when I remain active every single day, and I love how I am finally balanced with my food intake, and most importantly: happy with my body as it is, because of what it can do over what it looks like. I love getting stronger and focusing on this instead of what the scales say.

The Toowoomba Chronicle  picked up my story and started checking up on me and how I was going. This started a social media frenzy in 2016:

Not long after, The Warwick Daily News, and the Daily Mail Australia shared my story to their readers.

I now know of people who are choosing to take action to better themselves because of my story.

This is the best result anyone could ask for!

I want to do more and help more people achieve their goals and dreams too!

Everyone is on their own journey. Why don’t you start you own journey today and join my #21redfaces challenge?

I am doing something for ME. What are you doing for YOU?



Fast forward to the 1st August in 2018,

I launched a new concept that has helped me, and I believe will help anyone and everyone around the world to live their best lives by working on ‘being better’.

I originally called my ‘concept’ PROJECT REDFACE or PRF for short. The mission of Project RedFace was to promote the 5 RF’s – my core values, into a weight-loss program that does more than just help people lose weight, it guides them to actually reach their goals!

The 5 RF’s are:

RF1: Red Faces

RF2: Real Food

RF3: Respect For Self

RF4: Respect For Others

RF5: Responsibility For My Actions

I announced my new program & the #6weekfix challenge on my Facebook page & Instagram, and soon I had filled the 10 places for my first program which started on the 6th August. 2 successful rounds later, helping 10 people at a time, I was ready to expand further and start helping MORE people to reach their goals!

The 5 RF’s stick around, but ‘Project RedFace’ changes to ‘Be Super’ at the End of November, 2018.

BE SUPER – November 2018

‘Be Super’ because my initials are BS, and Be Super is the PERFECT name for a life changing program, and my Kinesiology session said so as well!

(Side note: I attended a Kinesiology session and the name Be Super came up!! This session was with a fabulous lady named Julie Reardon! (Check her out here: ) I knew this name was right as soon as it was said as I got goosebumps! I’ve been learning that I need to remember that I am what I am promoting. It was like I was subconsciously holding on to the word ‘RedFace’ because it is the reason I am sitting here, but I also need to remember that I created this.  I’ve accepted that Red Faces will always be here and a part of me & it is my number one core value too!)

It all began with a RedFace, and with the BE SUPER program, my goal is to spread the word of the 5 RF’s with RedFaces leading the way!

My dad, Russell has always drilled into me the importance about the 3 R’s…. this is where I had that ‘lightbulb’ moment whilst writing my 6 week challenge (This one has also had some name changes! From a 12 week program called 84 red faces, to a 6 week program called #42Redfaces which is now called the #6weekfix! hahaha!) I already had 2 values: RedFaces and Real Food and I also have always had Dad’s 3 R’s drilled into me growing up, and especially in my adult life! It wasn’t until I realised that dad’s 3 R’s were actualy 3 RF’s and so were my 2 core values!!

I was like:

“Holy guacamole, I don’t believe it!!”

It all just FITS and I love it! I hope you do too!

Now we are being super and I am living my best life and sharing snippets of my life to encourage others to live their best lives too!

I wonder what the next chapter will say…

Here are the links to my Social Media Pages for you:

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Weight Loss, Health,

We all know how expensive it is to buy nutritious food, let alone buying organic food!

So here’s something I think may help you, because it helped me.

When I first started my challenge, I knew I had to eat healthy and nutrient rich food. I also knew I had to make it cheap, cheaper than take-away food.

I sat down and created my meal plan day-by-day. I prepared shopping lists, and created menus combining healthy food into flavourful dishes. Over time, I refined my plan to improve taste and price. Most importantly, I worked out how to reduce the time it took to prepare everything in my plan.


I don’t have time to fit in a full-time job, get red faced, and prepare gourmet meals. I’m sure that you don’t either.

Instead of trying to reinvent the meal plan, why don’t you use mine? You can use it over and over again, or simply use the first 5 days to FIX YOURSELF when you TREAT YOURSELF xx

I have designed this meal plan based on the five days I completed to get better from an agonising head cold (see above video eeeewww!), and then with a 9 day maintenance plan that consists of the foods I eat today now to fuel my body with the most nutritious food so I can maintain maximum health and well being.

Don’t worry I still enjoy McFlurry’s from McDonalds, and MAX BRENNER EVERYTHING, (yes I have a sweet tooth!) however I have this in moderation. Whenever I eat something that i know is ‘BAD’ I focus on how it makes me feel!

There are so many things in the market these days that are ‘healthy’ alternatives to all of our favourites… so there really aren’t any excuses not to become the BEST version of yourself starting RIGHT NOW!

The First 5 days are quite hard and you may get a headache – I already had a headache when I started mine so be prepared for this as your body will be craving sugar – especially if you drink any type of soft drink! That stuff is the worst!

If you need to cut something out of your diet right now: SOFT DRINK is the first thing that will start changing your life for good! Instead have freshly squeezed juices (make sure they are 100% juice only!) and soda water.

I hope you get as much out of this as I have. My life has completely changed – and of course feel free to start your own accountability journey: #21RedFaces – where I challenge you to get active everyday and post your #Redface selfie on social media – I guarantee your confidence will grow and you will feel great! So many people have already completed this challenge and the feedback is nothing short of amazing!!
21 Red Faces

Thank you so much for believing in me – again I am not a health professional by any means – I have only been to the university of REAL LIFE and I am passionate about Food & Exercise!


Much Love xx


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Plank Off!

Our Plank Off Video

Planks are amazing for our core and this is an exercise that I could barely do when I started out. I was lucky to get to 20 seconds, and now think I could almost smash 2 minutes! Small and steady enhancements from my previous accomplishments have helped make this happen, along with ensuring I continue to have the right technique 🙂

Show me your planks and tag either #21RedFaces or #PlankOff

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Please note: I am not a qualified health practitioner, my advice is what has worked for me and it may not work for you 🙂 I have however studied at the ‘University of Real Life’ majoring in Health & Fitness for over ten years!

Firstly when I decided to get serious about losing weight I was extremely conscious about making sure I wouldn’t get excess skin in the process!

I researched everywhere I could – 10 years ago the internet wasn’t as accessible for me, and I recall going into the school library (where I worked) and reading books about skin elasticity.

I remember when a doctor told me I was eligible for LAP BAND and I left his room in tears. I couldn’t believe I was being offered this. I was in total shock and this was ANOTHER of those moments when I had to accept that the size I was, was REALLY REALLY large.

(It’s funny how I don’t get weighed any more when I go into a doctor’s practice, but I recall they would MAKE me every time when I was large! When I questioned them, I was told it was STANDARD PRACTICE! (Yeah for FAT people!!))

Let’s be honest: I was in denial about my size because I was a happy, bubbly, enthusiastic person. All I ever wanted was for people to love me for me, NOT for how I looked. This mentality was damaging to my success though!

  1. LOSE WEIGHT SLOWLY – I recommend no more than 1 kilo a week. I can gain 5 kilos in a weekend if I’m really bad, and this is NOT doing me any favours! I can also lose 5 kilo’s in 5 days on my juice detox, again NOT doing me any favours – BUT I’ve done it. If you need to do it too – go for it –  but if you do this EACH & EVERY week, the chances of excess skin will be high. I am also 32 years old, and have read that our skin elasticity starts to deteriorate after 25 years of age. If you are under 25 years old and need to lose weight, I recommend using this knowledge as your motivation! You want to give your body the BEST chance to remain elastic!! Now for all the mummies out there, my mum told me that she used to rub PURE VITAMIN E OIL on her tummy during her pregnancy. Her belly returned to normal after some time. Be patient with it, as this is a signifcant expansion and contraction that your body goes through in the process of the miracle of birth.
  2. EAT FOODS THAT ARE HIGH IN VITAMIN C, MAGNESIUM or OMEGA 3 fats (I’ve read this many times in many articles) I stock my shopping trolley with SUPER FOODS!! I enjoy Baby Spinach ,avocados, berries (Blueberries and raspberries mainly), and Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Olive Oil (extra virgin), Salmon, dried fruit (sometimes) & dark chocolate! YUM!! These are CORE grocery items I eat each week!
  3. EXERCISE – don’t focus on AB exercises to lose ‘excess skin’ – build your core and your overall fitness, I’ve been able to get rid of the flab from my under arms by doing weights and strength training, however the slow weight loss has aided in bringing the definition out and keeping my skin as elastic as possible.  I also detox my body regularly (at least once every 3 months with a nutritional cleanse or juice detox). If you still have ‘flabby’ skin – which I STILL do on my belly, I am focusing on reducing dairy and wheat now and will see over the next few months if I can actually eliminate it once and for all.