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Do you REAL-LY know what you are eating?

It blows my mind how many people don’t know exactly what they are eating every single day!

It is my mission to help you be as informed as possible to make the best decisions for your health.


Let’s talk a little bit about MARKETING. Anyone that has something to sell, is in some way marketing it to you.

Even if it’s a rustic stand on the side of the road selling $2 pumpkins, or a big billboard in the middle of the city, advertising is a form of marketing which is designed to encourage you to purchase something. There are a variety of methods of marketing that can finalise many sales, along with other cost-cutting practices to maximise profits.

Combine a food industry with very little regulation on the ingredients that go into a product, and a marketing industry that have learned successful methods to complete sales including manipulation & creating misleading advertisements & you have a recipe to create a society brainwashed by manipulative advertising…. that is unless you are aware that this is what is happening, and you can rise above it all and see everything for what it is!

When businesses start outsourcing employees, purchasing cheaper ingredients/ products, and automating their practices as much as possible, the ‘human’ aspect can be lost, and revenue can become the driving focus with little or no consequences for their actions. Consumers expect that all products are safe if they are on the shelf in a store, but some foods contain ingredients that make the consumer want to eat more, and therefore purchase more… and then, oh my gosh how did we have get to place in the world where there is an obesity problem worldwide and people confused and consistently failing ‘diets’ and not knowing if what they are eating is good for them or not? We got here because this state of confusion, panic, anxiety and helplessness is exactly what drives a person to make impulse purchases and decisions because of ‘the pretty lights & enticing offer to solve a problem you have’…. sad but very true.

You’ve read it many times and probably chosen to ignore, but there is no magic answer or one way better than the other, or a magic pill or even a magic surgery that will create the change you so desire unless you actually make the changes with NO intention of going back to the way you currently consume. (Harsh but very true) I realised I had to make a decision that I would learn about what I was eating to actually want to change my habits, so I did. It started with reading & learning what each ingredient was in the foods I was eating regularly. I then started looking for foods with all the ingredients I knew. Peanut Butter is a good one and one that shocked me. Changing to a peanut butter which only contained peanuts, tasted so much more savoury than the previous peanut butter I always ate that I couldn’t believe the difference in the taste of pretend peanut butter compared to real peanut butter. No wonder I craved the stuff! The amount of sugar in peanut butter astounded me! (Check it out for yourself!)

Consumers can learn what is and isn’t advertising so we can make better decisions.

Some simple food swaps can make a big difference and the more you read about each ingredient you consume, the more you will learn about foods that you want to eat and foods you would prefer to avoid.

I approached my lifestyle change with the mindset of ‘One step at a time’ I chose to take it slowly becoming better with my food slowly by making one change at a time, mastering that change, and then making another small change.

Our life is a journey, not a sprint & we might as well enjoy it on the way! Choosing to eat foods with less chemicals and ingredients we don’t even know, is one of the most beneficial ways to improve your health now and in the future.

You can think of businesses that promote all the unhealthy foods as trying to ‘trick’ you & you can choose not to fall for their very good marketing, because that is actually exactly what they are doing! When you end up choosing convenience and taste over real nutrition, you know that food is in control of you, instead of you being in control. If you feel out of control already, the worst thing you can do for your health is do something else out of control. Have you ever gone and made a smoothie during an anxiety attack? Have you ever overcome an anxiety attack easily? If you haven’t you probably haven’t made the healthy smoothie. When you feel like crap, do something that you will be proud of yourself for.

I have learned about the nutritional value of most foods & dairy and soft=drinks are so nutritionally void, that they are not of value for me to consume. I believe in treating my body like the Ferrari that requires Premium fuel for optimum performance.

I have also trialed eating less foods containing gluten, (however I don’t run to a gluten free brownie as they are also full of C.R.A.P!) especially highly processed forms such as white bread, and my gut health and bowel movements have improved with this change, so I choose to continue to eat less of this.

Among all of the health information out in the world wide web, the right information is also out there, and as I coach I teach my clients how to understand EXACTLY what they are consuming.

Think about if you own a really ‘flash’ car, it is your pride and joy. Would you fill this incredible vehicle with standard or cheap petrol? You just couldn’t right? I believe in living a balanced life and my definition of having a great relationship with food is by being in complete control of the addictive mind that sometimes tries to take over.

Are you eager to learn more right now? Okay here is some really important information about food packaging in Australia:

The ingredients list is essential on all packaging. It also requires the business to list the ingredients in order from the most to least for their product. There are no rules (to my knowledge) about the front advertising on packaging, and this is where many consumers can be ‘tricked’ into thinking they are eating something good for them, when it may not actually be. All products in Australia must also show their Country of Origin and on a scale, show how much of the ingredients were Australian or imported.

We cannot 100% trust any imported products because their rules differ country to country, however any product sold in Australia must have the nutrition panel with serving size & per 100g or mL to assist consumers to compare between products, and the ingredients. You may see some products that have a new sticker over the nutrition panel on the packaging, and this is why. Note that no product is 100% trustworthy and there is always a risk when purchasing a food product even fresh vegetables.


My friend Heyley Watt & I created a Cook Book & it is loaded with more than 60 healthy & delicious recipes that we made when we started swapping some ingredients out for better ones! I also run The RF Way program which teaches participants to live their lives ‘the RF way’ – short for The Red Face Way however we live by 5 RF’s to live our very best lives and this is taught and shared in Brooke’s program.

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