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Do you see the time 11:11 often?

All my life growing up I never thought much of it, however when we started using digital technology I would see 11:11 ALL of the TIME. As I was born on the 11th of June, I guess I like the number eleven as a default, especially when I was younger it would remind me EXACTLY how many month’s until my birthday!

Eleven, Eleven, Eleven! I even like saying it! So into my twenties and ALWAYS noticing 11:11, sometimes this would come into conversation with friends, and we would comment how often we saw it, and still i didn’t think much of it, yet knew I LOVED it when i saw it.

It didn’t really hit home until one day I was injecting myself with ‘super joy’ watching The Ellen Show and she announced how she always saw 11:11 too! I was in total shock! Like I knew I loved Ellen, but this made me feel even MORE connected with her! Ellen then announced that she had launched a record label and was calling it Eleven Eleven… I had no words!

Now whenever I see 11:11, I get so excited, sometimes even a little bit of wee comes out! Ha ha no I’m joking, but I hope you understand my excitement and the power of thought. I see 11:11 ALL OF THE TIME. Every time I see it, I make a huge wish. I sit, I dream, and I know that one day it will come true.

Do you find numbers meaningful like I do? Or maybe you are ‘superstitious’ with something else?

I love Black cats, and get excited when they cross my path – when others think this is a sign of bad luck, I have turned it into an incredible positive and LOVE how my life has changed in the process. I am addicted to watching my thoughts manifest and the more I focus on it, the more often it occurs!



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